Rhino Engineering, Inc., a civil engineering firm, offers a full range of civil engineering, environmental engineering, surveying and other related professional services to the public and private sectors. The firm’s headquarters is located in Grand Junction, Colorado. The firm serves Colorado, North Dakota, and Utah.

Established in 1997, our engineering services include planning, design, and construction management for projects involving drainage engineering, water resources, site development, golf course and recreational facility design, transportation, land planning, and environmental studies. Rhino Engineering, Inc., utilizes state-of-the-art technological advances in computer software within the field of civil engineering.

Green Philosophy

In our design work and in our operations, we seek to balance the constant need for development with a commitment to protecting natural resources and to environmental stewardship. We strive to incorporate into our designs the latest standards of environmentally sound practices and work cooperatively with governments and communities to promote sound environmental management.

Please look through our web site and contact us with any questions you have. Rhino Engineering, Inc., is always looking for talented and energetic people. We offer competitive salary and benefits, plus the opportunity to work with registered professionals in a variety of disciplines. Please forward your resume and cover letter to our Grand Junction office.

Bakken Water Exchange

Rhino Engineering designed this treatment facility to accommodate 40,000 gallons per day of untreated sanitary sewage from area man camps. The wastewater plant and stabilization pond are located on approximately 4 acres of a 20 acre site site, 4 miles north of
Alexander, ND.
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The View

Rhino worked with Enclave Companies in Minot ND to expand their health care facility adding a 33 unit building to their property in a neighborhood comprised of low density residential, commercial and
open space.
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Residential Area Flood Redevelopment

Water depth reached between nine and ten feet on this lot during the 2011 flood of record. Redevelopment of this property will replace a single family home with a four-plex residence.
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